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Band Photography and Techniques


For a band, great photographs are a necessity. They are one of the most important tools in spreading the band image, increasing fan awareness, and promotion of new music. This makes band photography sessions even more important than regular photography. As such, it is important to make sure the photos send the appropriate message and present the band in a way that will advance its purpose.


band photography

"the Gosh" captured by Martina Rathgens 

There are so many bands looking for photographers for promotional shots, so all you have to do is make sure they find you! It’s pretty much a given that a band has a Facebook or MySpace page or website, which will enable you to offer your services. You can either search for bands locally or artists that would be interesting to work with. It’s awesome to work with young bands as they’ll be thrilled by the prospect of a photo shoot and want to do something new and exciting. On the other hand, bands with a super status will be able to show your work to a larger audience.


The setting of your band photography session is of utmost importance. If the band wishes to project a heavy, dark image, for example, shots taken on a sunny beach are counterproductive. Consider easily accessible sites that will fit the band image. Abandoned warehouses, decrepit houses, cemeteries, parks, beaches, playgrounds, amusement parks, and many more sites can create great backgrounds for band photos, depending on the image the band wishes to present. Make sure, however, that you have permission to take photos at the chosen site well beforehand to avoid legal or other complications.

It is also important to consider how the band wants to be portrayed. Should the front person be highlighted through different poses or positioning or should all members be shot equally? Typically, the front person is the face that most fans will recognize and identify with the most but many bands prefer to be photographed as a unit with no member taking special importance.


During the band photography session, consider unusual effects or poses. Having one member facing backward while everyone else is face front is an eye-catching effect. You may also consider taking individual photos of each member displaying his or her unique personality. These shots can then be compiled into a stunning collage that will really reflect the band’s image.


tips for photographing a band

"Band Photography" captured by Jesse Reinhardt 


The possibilities for a band photography session are limitless. Costumes, props, setting, and poses should all be chosen with the band image and purpose in mind. For best results, the band and photographer should reach a clear understanding of the band’s vision ahead of time. By doing a little planning ahead of time and thinking creatively, band photographs can be bold, unique, and very valuable to the success of the band’s image and promotional efforts.